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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
We have three independent directors, including our chairman, out of nine Directors on the Board. The provisions of the listing agreement to be entered in to with the stock exchanges with respect to corporate governance will be applicable to our company immediately upon listing of our company's equity shares on the stock exchanges. Our company complies with such provisions, including appointment of independent directors on its board and constitution of various committees viz. Audit Committee, nomination and Renumeration Committee, Stakeholders Relationship Committee. The primary responsibility to adopt high standards of corporate governance in all areas including providing necessary disclosures within the framework of legal provisions with commitment to enhance shareholders' value vests with the Board of Directors.

Audit Committee
Our audit committee consists of the following members:

  Name   Designation
  Sri A.V.Ratnam, Charted Accountant    Chairman
  Mr. M.Gopalakrishna, IAS (Retd)   Member
  Sri Arun Kumar Sanwalka   Member
  Col.L.V.Raju (Retd)   Member

The general objective of the audit committee is to establish a transparent and effective system of monitoring and control, to review annual plan of our company, and any special examination by internal audit and implementation of internal audit recommendations, to review quarterly, half yearly and annual financial statement before submission to the board and to conduct limited review, together with coverage of scope of activity prescribed under section 177 of companies Act 2013. The audit committee also considers and reviews ethical adherence and corporate governance principles.

Remuneration Committee
Nomination and committees consists of following member:

  Name   Designation
  Mr. Arun Kumar Sanwalka     Chairman
  Mr. M.Gopala Krishna   Member
  Mr. A.V.Ratnam   Member
  Mr. Raju Narasa Manthena   Member
  Col.L.V. Raju (Retd.)   Member

The general objective of the remuneration committee is to broadly review and approve remuneration packages for senior management personnel including the Managing and whole time directors.

Stake holders Releationship Committee
The committee consists of the following members:

  Name   Designation
  Mr. Raju Narasa Manthena    Chairman
  Mr. A.V.Ratnam   Member
  Mr. M. Gopalakrishna    Member
  Mr. N. Subhash   Compliance Officer

The scope and function of this committee is to consider and review shareholders'/ investors' grievances and complaints and to ensure that all shareholders' / investors' grievances and correspondence are attended to expeditiously and satisfactorily unless constrained by incomplete documentation and/ or legal impediments.

For prompt redressal of investor and shareholder complaints, you are requested to send us an email at investor.relations@kernex.in and register your grievances with us. Please mention your Name, address, Folio No./ DP ID No. and email along with your complaint.

Code of Conduct
To View/Download our Code of Conduct Document (PDF Version 42 Kb), Click here.