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Mankind is forever seeking ways and means to make life simple, convenient and safer. Integrating path breaking technologies, evolving new applications and creating marvels through research, through its vision and dedicated manpower is what makes kernex today. An emerging global player in the software industry, kernex today serves several industries through its products and services. An expert in GPS applications, Data Communications and System development, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, kernex employs over 300 highly skilled and professional workforce to deliver effective solutions.

All products from Kernex Microsystems have been designed, developed and tested in accordance with our Product Development Procedures. These procedures provide a documented process for development of specifications, development of Hardware/Software, quality control and testing. The precision and accuracy of the software code and all associated algorithms are verified through internal testing and external testing (on request). Our development policies have been assessed by external audit and found to meet established criteria.

Although concentrating on the development of shelf products, Kernex Microsystems designs its products to be customized to suit the individual business. Integrating the latest advances in technology, and following strict development procedures, Kernex Microsystems aims to produce the highest quality products available on the market, to ensure clients have software products that are at the forefront of the business field.

Since its inception in March 1991, Kernex Microsystems has been committed to developing a reputation as a producer of high quality products. Kernex products also further enhance their reputations, by providing comprehensive after sales service and support to their customers. Customer feedback is highly valued by Kernex Microsystems and input into product development is encouraged, in the belief this will lead to the development of superior products.

We have worked for the following products :