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ACS for SkyBus MetroTM

The Intellectual property rights of Skybus Metro™ are held by Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL).

In many of the developing and under-developed countries, the transportation systems in urban centers are grossly inadequate.

In urban centers, increasing population, increasing number of vehicles, narrow and congested roads etc. are contributing to abnormal delays in commuting and inconveniences for the urban citizen. In addition these factors also are adding to air and noise pollution leading to environmental disasters.

Metro Sky Bus Urban Transportation System is based on the concept of Sky Wheels presented in 1989 at World Congress for Railway Research. Metro Sky-bus Urban Transportation System is a mass urban transport system consisting of sky bus coaches hung from an elevated platform at about 40 feet above ground level and supported by a series of pillars positioned at 20 meters distance at the road dividers. At the bottom of the platform, rails are laid for up and down tracks and boggy wheel suspension system is placed on the rails. A 22 KV power line runs above the rails, which runs the boggy wheels, with the help of series motors.

Coaches are suspended from the boggy wheels chassis. One Sky-bus system consists of two coaches, which can carry approximately 150 to 175 people in an air-conditioned environment. The movement of the coach is controlled either by the coach driver or through automatic control systems. This alternative urban mass transportation solution completely eliminates any probability of vandalism, accident and is virtually maintenance-free. The Sky Bus coaches move at a speed of 40 KMs to 70 KMs per hour with headway of 1 to 1.5 minutes and can handle 20,000 to 80,000 passengers with 100 to 120 coaches.

KRCL has patented this technology in the year 2004 and has completed trials on model test track at Goa covering over 1.5 KMs.

We provided Auto Driving Devices and Automation Control Software for the same. Many cities in India are in dire need to improve the transportation system and could be considering the Sky Bus technology as one of the contenders among mass transportation systems like mono rail, light rails, metro rails, etc.

According to the news reports, Government of Andhra Pradesh has given green signal for installation and commissioning of 20 KMs track from Uppal to Medhipatnam in Hyderabad city as a pilot project the cost of which is estimated to be Rs.550 million per KM. (Source: Eenadu Newspaper District Edition Hyderabad dated 8 th July 2005).

We will be providing Auto Driving Devices, Control Automation Software and also Anti-Collision System for Sky-Bus Metro Urban Transport System according to the technology partnership agreement with KRCL dated June 03, 2005.

Skybus Metro
The Technology  
  • Rail guided bogie system commonly used for normal railway system
  • Linear Induction Motor Technology or 3 phase asynchronous electrical motive Units
  • Light weight coaches called ‘Sky buses' which are suspended from bogies and travel below rail guides
  • Pre-fabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern. These structural engineering methods, which do not have any project execution, risk attached
  • Information technology tools for economic communications and control
Advantages of SkyBus Metro System  
  • Fast Transportation
  • No requirement of Land
  • Air & Noise Pollution free
  • Easy accessibility
  • No scope of capsizing of the coaches in case of derailment
  • Deep Penetration as it can reach the most crowded and busy roads as there is no interference with normal road traffic
  • Low Operational Cost due to the absence of track circuits or signals, points or crossings
  • All urban transportation needs covering people and goods