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Train X-Data Loggers for Railways

Data logging at stations is an essential part of train operations in any railway system. Several inputs both digital and analog are monitored in real time for better control and management of daily operations. A Network of these data loggers can be established using Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) so that Information about individual stations collected by their respective data loggers and can be sent to a central location for monitoring and generation of MIS reports.

Kernex has installed a customized version of its ACCUREX product called IDAS (TRAINX) for data logging purposes in Konkan railway section. The IDAS system has been implemented in all the 53 stations in Konkan Railway Section covering over 735 Kms. A schematic of the installation is shown below

IDAS is a microprocessor based system that captures the track circuit inputs, Point replay status, voltages via its digital and analog inputs. These inputs are monitored and their status is logged in the system. An Audio Visual warning is generated for alerting personnel in case of fault detection. Individual station data loggers are connected via OFC thereby facilitating data transfer and uploading into a central database. A user friendly customized software installed at the Central location can be used to generate various reports. These include basic reports such as Train arrival/Departure, Track occupation, point status replay and voltages for batteries other power supplies. In addition, point replay and track circuit fault reports can also be generated and printed. These reports can be obtained for a single station or stations and can be sorted by time and date.

  • Added safety by providing better train control
  • Early detection of faults result in lower operating costs
  • Best Possible track and point machine usage