KMDAX – Multi Section Digital Axle Counting System

KMDAX is a MultiSection digital axle counting system which monitors and counts the number of wheels passing over it and when used to supervise a section monitors the track occupation of that section. This information is utilized in safety signaling, route setting and safety interlocking. As an Axle Counter counts the number of wheels, it clears the section only when the last wheel entering the section has exited. The system provides the individual vital relay output for each section / point zone based on the principle of counting of axles.


The system can be deployed for simultaneous monitoring of various track sections in a station or yard area. The KMDAX system comprises of a outdoor rail wheel sensor (ZK24 & VUR), an indoor Control Module (BO23), and a RESET BOX PANEL. KMDAX is feature packed along with built in reliability and operability.


KMDAX functional hardware is designed into several functional modules which are integrated as required by customer’s application.


For more information, Product handout is available here.