Embedded Software Design

At Kernex, we provide next-generation embedded software engineering services to our customers that satisfy their specific business requirements. We has rich expertise in developing firmware and embedded applications for a wide range of products. We use our DSP expertise and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI. Our embedded expertise covers application development and optimization over a wide range of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels, processor dependent real time assembly coding, and real time multi-threaded applications.


We provide embedded software design from designing small micro-controller based systems and large real-time, multi-tasking software systems to developing board support packages and device drivers. Designs are typically implemented using an appropriate programming language such as C, C++ and Assembler on target platforms.

  • Development of embedded software, integration and testing on target hardware board
  • Development of real time (freeRTOS) systems
  • Development of protocol stacks and device drivers
  • Development of industrial control and data acquisition systems
  • System integration

  • Embedded Software: C, C++, Assembly
  • Microcontroller cores:
  • 8 bit: 80xx, PIC, AVR, Silabs, 6502
  • 32 bit: ARM Cortex M3, ARM7TDMI, ARM720T, ARM920T, DSP Psoc
  • Real time operating systems: Embedded Linux, eCos, freeRTOS, VxWorks. QNIX, MicroC
  • Device Drivers: UART, LCD, I2C, Ethernet, GPRS, GSM, SPI, MMC, IR
  • Protocols: TCP / IP, Bluetooth, GSM.GPRS, RF, RS232/485, Modbus, SmartCard
  • Source Control: SVN