TrainSHIELD™ – Train Collision Avoidance System
Empowering safety in rail transportation

TrainSHIELD™ is a Train collision avoidance system that integrates new technology with existing train control and operating systems. It provides for a rail safety working in conjunction with existing train operations, patterns and rules. TrainSHIELD™ is a microprocessor based embedded product designed to prevent over speeding and Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) in train operations and thus prevent dangerous accidents. It also includes cab signaling and other logics to prevent collisions in block sections as well as in Station areas.


The system consists of onboard units fitted in Locomotives and stationary units fitted in Stations & Level crossings. TCAS uses the latest technologies in digital wireless communications and RF Id to continuously detect and transmit train movement related information between locomotives. It integrates and interlocks the train information with data from track based sensors to create a safety overlay for train operations.


For more information, Product handout is available here.

ACD – Anti Collision Device
GPS based, economical collision avoidance system

Anti Collision Device is a fully integrated, state of the art electronic control system designed to minimize collisions and increase safety on any railway network, both freight as well as passenger trains.


It is a non-vital system providing an additional layer of safety in train operations to prevent dangerous train collisions, caused due to human errors or limitations and equipment failures. Being a non-signaling system, ACD is not intended to replace any existing signaling & interlocking systems / procedures. With unmatched flexibility, reliability and use of track-proven technology, ACD results in optimized train operations, increased safety and reduced operating costs.